25,000 views and a Free "Hole in the Ground" T-Shirt Give Away!

So the old blog hit 25,000 views today, and I figure it's time to celebrate. So, in honor of the occasion, I'll be giving away TWO free Hole in the Ground t-shirts. The image below shows the design of the t-shirts (open the image in a new tab to see it larger). And yes, you can choose from any of the three colors.
Now, for the rules: in order to enter the contest you have to make a comment on this post and "follow" the blog. In two weeks I'll number the comments and then randomly draw two of the numbers, and . . . BAM!!! You've potentially won an awesome new Hobbit t-shirt.

Now, a quick note: these t-shirts will be handmade . . . high quality, but handmade. I think you'll like them.

So, the contest starts today . . . follow the blog and leave a comment and then cross your fingers.

Thanks for all the views!


  1. I'm the first! Or I just can't see the other comments and I feel slightly foolish... Anyway, I enjoy the blog and my shirt preference would be the green one.

  2. Check this blog daily and love the shirt!

  3. Master Burgener,
    Please know that I appreciate your in-depth analysis. And I promise to watch the entire extended version of The Hobbit when it comes out on Blue-Ray.
    Is this original artwork?
    Congratulations on 25,000 hits. This is definitely the one blog to rule them all.

  4. So I actually follow this blog quite a bit through Google+, but I am awful at this whole blog thing so I haven't technically "followed" until now...because of the potential free t-shirt that looks awesome. From one LOTR nerd to another, you're doing a great job with this. Very cool.

  5. I would just like one pressing questioned answered, please: What is a burrahobbit?

  6. Is the image copyrighted? Cause I think I have some freezer paper somewhere....

  7. I have no reasonable reason to win such a fantastic award since I don't even know who or what you are, but I hope this works!