Trolls, Goblins, Gloin and More!

All right, I've been a little lax about posting up all the new pictures I've come across in various places on the internet . . . so here they are. This troll pic is one of my favs, but there are some awesome ones past the break:

New Warg Photos

Finally! Some up-close pictures of the Wargs. I have to admit that unlike some fans, I always kind of liked the Wargs in original LOTR movies. But even having admitted that, I must confess that these wargs look a whole lot better. Awesome is the appropriate word here. Jump past the break to see another great pic!

Bard the Bowman!

 The folks over at have leaked the first images of Bard the Bowman! I have to admit, he looks pretty cool . . . though a little more action-hero than I had imagined him. But whatever. It's just cool to see him leaping over the rooftops of Laketown during Smaug's attack. (Oh . . . spoiler alert. Oops . . .) Jump past the break to see more images!

Denney's 'Exclusive' Bag End Featurette

Denney's Bag End featurette has broken loose on the interwebs . . . it's not all that secret anymore. Enjoy!

Two Previews of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Soundtrack!

Old Friends

Radagast the Brown

Preview of Howard Shore's 'Radagast the Brown'

Fansite has posted a link to an amazing preview of the song 'Radagast the Brown' from the upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey soundtrack. All I can say is that the song is at once familiar and completely unexpected. I loved it. Follow this link to go hear it yourself!

3D Hobbit Posters!

Thorin Oakenshield

Thanks to DarkJackal and Narflet from for posting the link to some of the amazing 3D posters that were seen at ComicCon. The posters were created by Nels Israelson and they are fantastic. You can see the 3D posters in higher resolution at his site. Jump past the break to see more of them!

New Hobbit Character Posters! posted 14 character posters . . . featuring quite a few that we hadn't seen before. Gotta admit, much to my surprise, the posters of Bombur and Bifur are my favorite. The guy with the axe in his head is definitely growing on me. Jump past the break to see the rest!

Friday at the Mathom-House: Magali Villavenue Redux

That's right. It's Friday and the time has come to celebrate your freedom from the workday by looking at some awesome Hobbit and Lord of the Rings art by Magali Villavenue. This is the second time we've post some of Magali's work here, but we couldn't resist showing off more of her stuff because a lot of her recent work has been Hobbit-themed and, well . . . her art is just really, really good. Jump past the break to see more Hobbit-y goodness.