The New Hobbit Trailer has Arrived!

I know this is a little late getting out (school and life got in the way . . .) but here is the new Hobbit trailer! If you're anything like me, you've probably watched this thing a dozen times already. But hey, who can say no to more hobbit-y goodness?

I'll be getting up a screen-by-screen analysis ASAP, but in the mean time: Goblins! Wargs! Stone Giants! Oh my! This trailer was absolutely awesome.


The Hobbit Reread 3: The Quest of Erebor

Gandalf and Thorin by Bentos

All right-ee, here is the third installment of the Great Hobbit Reread, and the last of the reread posts that doesn't actually come from The Hobbit. Today we'll be reviewing Tolkien's essay The Quest of Erebor, which I only recently stumbled across (as in several months ago). It's an incredibly interesting little piece that sheds light not only on Gandalf's motivations in working with Thorin and nudging Bilbo into the quest, but also reveals the dwarves' less than admiral opinions of our hobbit hero. Enjoy!

Hobbits and Dwarves from the New Trailer!

The hardest thing about this post was figuring out which awesome picture to use as the opening image. Sheesh! We're getting a deluge of Hobbit images, hopefully just a hint of what's to come tomorrow with the release of the new trailer. Any speculations on what that big chunk of crystal something might be? If I were to hazard it guess, it might be ithildin (thus it's association with Thorin's map) . . . of course, if memory serves me right, ithildin is made with mithril, so this crystal stuff might be something else entirely. If you have a guess, drop it in the comments below!

Tomatoes, Sausages, Nice Crispy Bacon . . .

Ok, so we didn't really have bacon . . . but everything else was in this meal. I thought I'd try my hand at  one of Bombur's recipes tonight, and surprisingly, things turned out pretty good. Read on past the break to get a look at my first "authentic" dwarf meal.

A little something for your Second Breakfast

Prepare your taste buds for a treat! Bombur, the gastronomic expert of Thorin's Company, is now posting Middle-earth recipes for you to enjoy. There are a variety of breakfast, appetizer, entree and dessert options, plus anyone can submit their own Hobbit-ish recipes for the whole world to enjoy. So check it out and enjoy the treats!

Better Late than Never . . . New Dwarf Pics and Descriptions!

Ok, I apologize for the extra long break in posts (and even this one is going to have to be a quicky). My family and I just made a long move to Seattle, we're still in the middle of unpacking, and we don't really have internet access yet. In fact, at the moment I am mooching of our apartment complex's rec room computer. Anyways, while I've been busy shoving boxes around, the rest of the world has gotten a glimpse of some amazing new Hobbit pics, courtesy of the new iOS Hobbit app that was recently released. No, I'm not glaring jealously at all you iPhone and iPad owners out there. I'm not. Really.

In addition to the awesome new pics, the app gives official descriptions of each of the dwarves in Thorin's Company, which I'll include below the break. Enjoy!