The Hobbit Reread 4: An Unexpected Party

Ok, so I know I'm gonna have to start doubling up on these because I've been lazy and not posted every week. But . . . I'm gonna get it all done before Dec. 14 rolls around. You have my word. Today we'll start the fourth post of this reread and the first post dealing with a chapter from the actual book. Chapter 1, that is, An Unexpected Party.

New Empire Hobbit Article + 5 New Covers

Thanks to DarkJackal for the heads up that Empire Magazine will be releasing an issue dedicated to the Hobbit, and to celebrate the release their magazine will feature five different 3D covers, including this nice one of our friend Gollum. Jump past the break to see the other four covers, featuring Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin and Galadriel. Images courtesy of


Hot off the press are three new images of Bolg, son of infamous Azog, courtesy of the Tolkien fan site Jump past the break to see the other two images:

New Hobbit Pictures!

New pictures, including a shot of Frodo! See the original files here. This shot of Gandalf in troll's cave is awesome. Jump past the break to see more.

Friday at the Mathom-House: Jian Gou

 It's a long time since we've had a good Friday at the Mathom-House around these parts, but I came across some of these amazing stained-glass illustrations by Jian Gou on, and I couldn't resist tracking down all them and showing them off. In terms of awesome-ness, they pretty much speak for themselves, don't you agree? Read on past the break for more.