Friday at the Mathom-House: Abe Papakhian

Friday is here again folks, and this time we're enjoying the amazing illustrations of Abe Papkhian. You can check out all of Abe's work over on Continuing last week's theme of hand-drawn art, Abe's illustrations are all pencil or watercolor. Now, I'm not sure if you'll agree, but I feel like there is definitely something Brother's Hildebrandt about Abe's style. I'm a fan. Jump past the break to see even more awesome Hobbit and LOTR art.

Friday at the Mathom-House: Ulla Thynell

Friday has come, and with it some fantastic Hobbit and LOTR art by Ulla Thynell. This artist caught my eye while I was perusing the interwebs . . . I hope you like the work as much as I do. Really there are two things I appreciate about these pieces: first, they're not the normal digital art we see so much of nowadays––not that there is anything wrong with digital work, it's just refreshing to see some good-old hand drawn stuff now and again; second, Ulla's style reminds me of Tolkien's own work . . . that that is really fun to see. Jump past the break and enjoy!

Strangers in a Strange Land: Thranduil and Legolas

So, before I start this post, two funny things: first off, if you're hoping to find a good picture of this father-son elf duo, just be aware that googling "Legolas and Thranduil"will lead to a pile of garbage you'll have to dig through to get anything remotely resembling a descent photo; second, I decided to do a post about Thranduil and Legolas last night, and then to my surprise I found that Stephen Colbert had scooped me! Jump past the brea and take a look at this funny April Fool's video from Mr. Jackson (Colbert jumps on at 1:27):