Catching Up with The Hobbit

Ok, still playing catch-up here . . . I found two things over at The Heirs of Durin (great website which you should check out) that I couldn't resist posting:

Balin's End

First, some of the best Tolkien artwork I've ever seen, featuring the final moments of Balin. The artwork is by David Gaillet who has a gallery on Deviantart.

Pretty crazy stuff, right? I especially like the way the small like Mirrormere lives up to it's name . . . your really are looking into a mirror!

Sweet, sweet music . . .

Last but not least, DarkJackal gives us a ton of fascinating links to the complete soundtrack (including the Misty Mountains song) from The Hobbit trailer, plus more links to various discussions about the trailer music and Howard Shore's Hobbit work.


  1. Is this painting not utterly stunning?!? The technique itself is fascinating. It looks extremely detailed, but there are as many suggestions of detail as actual details. Which means it's done with a very quick but sure hand. One could learn a lot by studying him.
    And then, how he arrived at the idea of this particular perspective I can't imagine. Inspired! I can almost hear the orcish bray of victory echoing off the rocks. The orc's pose (not even looking at his victim) reflects how pointless a death it was. On to the next victim.

    The whole thing is crushingly beautiful and sad. So of course I adore it!

    1. Completely agree! Thanks so much for posting it up on your site.