Fridays at the Mathom-House: David DelaGardelle

It's Friday again . . . the week was long, but Hobbit fever is, well . . . going strong. I guess? Maybe? Anyways, regardless of your current excitement for the upcoming Hobbit movies, this week's Mathom-House art is sure to please you! Today we'll be looking at the fantastic art of David DelaGardelle.

Above is David's take on Gandalf the Gray, which I really enjoyed. The little details that David got right are what really make this illustration: the Ring of Power on Gandalf's hand, the long nose and the fact that his eyebrows really do extend beyond the rim of his hat. Great stuff, plus the medium that David was working in really gives these illustrations an older feel that I enjoy.

Read on for a look at David's take on some of the Dwarves in Thorin's Company:


This image of Balin really captures the friendly side of the old dwarf and makes it easy to understand why Bilbo bonded with him. Props to David for getting the old thrush (rook?) into the image, as well as the secret door into the Lonely Mountain!


I was surprised when I first saw this picture of Dwalin because of how similar he looks to the movie version of Balin's brother.I assume that's Lake-town we see in the background.


Great picture of Thorin, the eagles and the Misty Mountains. David really  managed to capture the vengeful/driven look in this heir of Durin's eyes.


  1. Love all of David's work. And have you noticed how this picture of Gandalf looks soooo much like the 3D poster of Gandalf?? I was struck by it as I scrolled up the page :-)

    Love the new look for the site!

    1. I noticed the same thing about Gandalf! Plus, I thought it was interesting how close David's Dwalin looks to the movie version.

      The site is still a WIP I'm afraid . . . :)

      soon it'll be all up and running

    2. Creepy close! What are the chances that both would be bald?