Tomatoes, Sausages, Nice Crispy Bacon . . .

Ok, so we didn't really have bacon . . . but everything else was in this meal. I thought I'd try my hand at  one of Bombur's recipes tonight, and surprisingly, things turned out pretty good. Read on past the break to get a look at my first "authentic" dwarf meal.

It took me a while to decide which recipe to try (mostly because all the recipes seem designed for a UK cook and ask for things like bangers, beef houghs, cow liver, sheep stomach, etc.), but I eventually settled on good old fashioned Hobbit in a Hole (appropriate, right?):

It was a pretty simple recipe and aside from a few mishaps (e.g., I decided to use a Boche instead of a blender and paid the price ten minutes later) my sausages turned out great. And just in case you're wondering, they tasted better than they look in the picture above. I promise.

So my first experience with Bombur's cooking went great. Seeing as how this is a unique week, I'll probably try a few more out. Haggis, anyone?

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