Is this Girion, Lord of Dale?

If you're familiar with the Hobbit, you know that Bard is the descendant of the last King of Dale, Girion. This quick scene in the latest Desolation of Smaug trailer is clearly a flashback to the attack, and I'm wondering if its also our first look at the doomed lord of Dale. What makes me think so? Notice all the bodies piled around him. Those are soldiers, unless I miss my guess, and they all seem to be wearing the orange/brown cloaks typical of the Dale soldiers we've seen so far. Girion (or who I think is Girion) on the other hand, is dressed in a pretty flashy looking suit of armor . . . he kind of screams nobility. Plus, he just has that noble look to him.

I dunno, what do you guys think?


  1. I agree. He most definitely is nobility of some sort, but if he is the almighty lord, that could be questioned. But guessing from the fact that he appears in the trailer, this guy is probably Girion.

  2. Girion for 100 % as Luke Evans, who plays Bard, also turns out to be Girion with a little bit of prosthetics and different costume

    1. I was pretty shocked when I found out Girion was the same actor as Bard . . . if I hadn't already known that, I never would have guessed it while watching the movie. They look completely different.