A little bit of history: Orcrist, the Orc-Cleaver

Dark Jackal has done a fair bit of research leg-work and the results are an excellent and detailed history of Thorin's fabled sword Orcrist, the Orc-Cleaver. Not only that, but she's collected a lot of photos of both the sword and Thorin in action.

Jump over to Heirs of Durin to read the post in full.


  1. Thanks for the mention! You might want to change "he's collected" to "she's". *wink* It's a common misconception, but I wouldn't want to give males all the credit for being sword-obsessed :-)

    1. So, the funny thing is, right before I read your comment I was just wondering whether "he" was the proper pronoun. My mistake! I'll be fixing that little error right away . . . :)