Fridays at the Mathom House: Quimtuk

It's another fantastic friday, and that means we have another fantastic Middle-earth artist to acquaint you with. Today's art is by Quimtuk (and you should definitely check out the rest of his stuff), and is decidedly lighter in tone and style than a lot of the art I've shown so far . . . I think that's why I picked it. Anyways, he doesn't have a tone of Hobbit-related art, but what he does have is fantastic. Jump past the break to take a look:


  1. Its so different and nice! Even though the pictures are of serious scenes, they still make me laugh. Beorn's expression in the last pic is just awesome.

  2. Hey! I'm Joaquim Colàs A.K.A Quimtuk! Many many thanks for featuring my drawings in your blog! I'm honored! :D

    1. Hey Joaquim! Your art is fantastic! I really enjoy your take on Middle-earth. Let me know whenever you've got more Hobbity themed pieces you'd like to share . . . I'd be excited to post more of your stuff.