Friday at the Mathom-House: Julia Alekseeva

The Mathom-house it was called; for anything that Hobbits had no immediate use for, but were unwilling to throw away, they called a ‘mathom’.
–The Fellowship of the Ring; Prologue 

Okay, okay . . . so I'm a little late on this one again. But any Friday is a cause for celebration, right? Even if that celebration has to be a bit, um . . . retroactive. Anyways, this week we'll be checking out the amazing art of Julia Alekseeva, better known as CG-Warrior over at CG-Warrior has shared some amazing Middle-Earth art, both from The Hobbit and from LOTR. She's got other great stuff as well, but we'll try and keep our focus on the Tolkien-related pieces.

What makes Julia's stuff so good? My favorite thing about her art is that it looks like it could have come straight from an illustrated edition of Tolkien's work. I mean, check out Bilbo below . . . hand's down this is my favorite interpretation of the world's greatest hobbit.

So, jump past the break and enjoy the rest of Julia's art:

Bilbo Baggins

Long Way



Flight to the Ford

The Mines of Moria


The Death of Boromir


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    1. Thanks! Bilbo was definitely my favorite from this batch . . . it might be my favorite version of Bilbo I've seen.

  2. Wonderful artwork! I had seen some of these, but not all.

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    2. I actually first saw this artist while reading something over on your blog, so you definitely get the assist!

  3. The cool part is the style is realistic, yet in an animated film sort of way. I'd say "cartoony", but that has negative connotations. "Anime" is equally wrong, but there is something about it that feels comfortably iconic, and it probably has to do with the color palette chosen.